The Connoisseur Hair and Art Studio 202 Cooper at Elgin Downtown Ottawa

The Connoisseur Hair Studio specializes in women’s’ and  men’s complete hair services (including cutting, permanents, foil highlights, eye and lash tints),  hand aesthetics  (regular, french manicures and polish changes), foot aesthetics ( egular, french manicures and polish changes), waxing aesthetics (legs, face, bikini, brow, lips, chin, axils).

Gamal Rahman, an artist, architect, interior designer, painter and photographer hailing from Egypt, has owned the Salon for the past 15 years. In that time his love of art has transformed the small studio into an artistic haven.

“It’s good for everyone—artists, clients and even art galleries. Bringing this art to the people, and stretching our boundaries is worth it,” said Rahman. “People come for their hair, now they can stay for the art.”

Pop’t Art for The Connoisseur was held June 21st  and June 28 2014 at the Connoisseur Hair Salon, 202 Cooper St., Ottawa

The Services provided by the Connoisseur Hair Studio and price list follows:
202 Cooper St. At Elgin (in center town / downtown Ottawa) Telephone 613-236-2518

Hair Service

Men’s Hair Cut                        $19.00 & Up
Boy’s Hair Cut                         $17.00 & Up
Lady’s Hair Cut                       $38.00 & Up
Hair Colour                             $75.00 & Up
Foil Hair Highlights                  $75.00 & Up
Full Head Foil Highlights         $95.00 & Up
Hair Perms                             $75.00 & Up

Eye Care

Brown Tint                               $15.00 & Up
Lashes Tint                              $15.00 & Up

Aesthetic Services

Hand Care

Regular Manicure                     $25.00
French Manicure                      $35.00
Polish Change                          $10.00

Foot Care

Regular Pedicure                      $35.00
French Pedicure                       $45.00
Polish Change                          $15.00


Brows/ Lips/ Chin                     $15.00
Face                                         $45.00
Bikini                                         $25.00
Axils                                          $25.00
Full Legs and Bikini                   $60.00
Half Legs                                  $30.00

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